Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuscany Please

It's Wednesday, I'm half way through the week and should be writing a newsletter for work, but got slightly sidetracked. Last night I had one of those meals that I was hoping for (see my Mediocre Meals post). It was Chicken Parmesan that sent the family scrambling for more, licking their plates and letting out contented sighs. SUCCESS! A perfectly pan seared chicken breast with the crusty, buttery outer layer of parmesan and seasoned breadcrumbs delicated displayed over a traditional long spaghetti and topped with a perfectly seasoned tomato basil marinara and grated parmesan cheese. Oh the delight!

It momentarily took me back to my honeymoon to Italy where my husband and I ate our way from Venice to Rome. There I was, sitting at an outdoor trattoria with fresh pasta and pizza and salad and a cannoli (or two)...being serenaded by two traveling violinists singing "Bella Noche." Sigh....I want to go back.

Perhaps the contest I just entered through Francesco Rinaldi will come to fruition. A trip for two to Tuscany. The odds of winning are just a mere 1 in 150 million. Please Francesco? Pick me?

I'm off to write that newsletter and plan two dinner parties. Ciao!

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