Monday, March 1, 2010

A cannoli will get you noticed.

My cousin is an amazing designer - she has her own line of wedding gowns and has been featured in some premier bridal magazines. She's looking for a new position in Chicago and came across the perfect fit - so she applied. I gave her a piece of advice that she chuckled over - but I was actually serious about. Why not send your resume to the hiring manager with a cannoli? I got the idea from a place I used to work. An applicant submitted their resume attached to a helium balloon. It got them to the top of the stack!

I dearly love cannoli's - I can eat my weight in them. If you're ever in Ocean City New Jersey - you've got to go to Cannoli Corner on the boardwalk. They're fabulous! Purchase at least a dozen. Half of them will be gone by the time you're back to your hotel. I've made them from scratch - though can't seem to get the same quality of ricotta here in "the South". So I now have friends and family import a tub of the filling with a side of shells every time they come to visit. It's a sickness, I know - but is there anything more perfectly unique and delicious in Chicago than an authentic crispy Italian pastry shell filled with rich, creamy ricotta, powdered sugar and miniature chocolate chips?

In today's day and age, it's all in who you know and making yourself stand out. So I say, throw caution to the wind and when in Chicago - send a Cannoli!

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