Friday, March 5, 2010

Chocolate Wellington

So, with a handful of blog posts under my belt I was convinced my co worker Larry was the only one reading these blogs - until lo and behold! I recieved my first Musing Foodie prize! A special thank you to Mandy for the super fab easter themed oven mit/potholder set. It brought a huge smile to my face. If my camera memory stick wasn't in dire need of uploading, I would post a picture (which is a project I hope to get to this weekend).

I didn't succumb to the Lindt truffle temptation yesterday, I rather, enjoyed a nice mug of Sipping Chocolate. If you're not familiar with Sipping Chocolate - let me enlighten. Think hot chocolate - rich, creamy hot chocolate, made with heavy cream - and mixed with a battery operated frothing whisk. It's one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. When adding the sipping chocolate mix to warm/hot milk or cream, this amazing little whisk whips the two ingredients together, forming an airy froth on top just like Starbucks. The result is truly divine. It's the thickest, richest chocolate beverage you can possibly imagine. A dessert all to itself. It will truly wow your guests. Bellagio is the brand I've been enjoying and I can't say enough wonderful things about it. Their website is:

Tonight I'm attempting to make Beef Wellington for the first time ever. Wish me luck! I'm sure my Easter potholders will enhance the experience. :)
Enjoy your weekend and may all your culinary endeavors be delicious.

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