Monday, March 8, 2010

Gloppy Cocoa Puffs

Double thumbs up to my inaugural Beef Wellington experience. It turned out PERFECTLY! My steaks were tender, the sauteed onion and mushrooms were the perfect taste and texture and it was all magically enrobed in a flaky puff pastry crust. It looked like I'd ordered it from a fine steakhouse. I was quite pleased with my fancy schmancy-ness.

At least I had one hit this weekend, as the next experiment ended up in the garbage. My son's preschool class has a rotating schedule of 'Special Days.' Once a month, it's my son's 'Special Day' where he brings in a treat to share with the class, a stuffed animal or toy and a favorite book. This is a cherished time for him and he and I both look forward to it. As it turns out, this Wednesday is his special day and I decided to make a fun new cookie treat. Thumbing through a Betty Crocker Cookie Cookbook, I found these Cocoa Puff balls intriguing. A sugary chocolatey cereal coated in a gloppy chocolate candy syrup that is formed into a baseball sized ball and allowed to harden. The picture showed them displayed on lollipop sticks. How fun for a group of 3 year olds! I did a trial run (thankfully). The chocolate syrupy base didn't harden as much as I felt it should and while I was able to manually form them into balls on wax paper, when you picked them up, they just fell to pieces all over the floor.

My dog was thankful for this, I was not. I gave one to my son and after only taking one bite and then running off to play I figured this was not a hit. They went straight to the trash. Sigh. You can't win them all.

Now I'm wracking my brain on a new treat....any ideas?

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