Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm the Savage Woman

Triple Coupons are a rarety at my local grocery store - so when they do actually take place, I lose my mind with excitement. The chance to collect all of your coupons that are $.99 or less, have them tripled in value and matched against current sales to result in basically free groceries - what's not to love?!

I research the best deals on line, take my limit of 20 coupons per day to the store and go wild. It's an organized treasure hunt and I fly through the aisles. I've often come across deals that are SO amazing that women actually stock up - buy multiple coupons and then proceed to literally grab every last item on the shelf. I mean really, who needs 47 toilet bowl cleaners or a lifetime supply of yellow saffron rice? I've coined those who do such deeds "Savage Women." Here I am, with my lowly one or two coupons, just wanting that box or granola bars or dishwasher detergent, but some savage woman has come just before me and cleaned them out. It's a disgrace!

Sigh. I'm afraid I've sunken to a new low. This week, not only was it triple coupons, but it was buy one get TWO free packages of fresh chicken breasts. This, my friends, literally only happens twice a year. My deep freezer and I become fast friends during these special sales and I asked my friendly customer service clerk if the 3 package limit was for the entire week and he assured me it was only a 3 per day limit. Marvelous! I went 3 days in a row - 9 packages of chicken are nicely tucked away in my freezer, well make that 8, as we had bbq chicken on Sunday for lunch.

Anyway, I was at a super fun baby shower last night and as I was stuffing my face with all sorts of delectible delights, I talked to a fellow frugal couponing maniac about the chicken deal. She informed me of a store nearby that didn't enforce the 3 packet limit. Folks, it was all I could do to sit there calmly and watch all those precious baby gifts be opened. Chicken was on my mind.

As soon as the last gift was opened, last hug given and pleasantry exchanged, I grabbed my mother and told her to hurry to the car - we had to hit the store! Here we were, two partners in crime running to the back of the store with the shopping cart. She helped load up my cart with the rest of the chicken on sale. I checked the clock - it was 9:40pm and the sale ended at midnight. I'd just made it under the line!

The clerk rang up my transaction and the sound of the discount being peeled off of each package was like a symphonic melody. Ahhhh, I won't have to buy chicken for ages!

I walked out of the store and then it hit me - I'd become one of the Savage Women.

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  1. Love it! Oh to have a freezer in my garage. Oh wait, I don't have a garage since I'm in a tiny apartment right now. One day...