Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer

Last night I made Lilly Pulitzer's chicken. When I came across the recipe in my favorite Junior League Centennial Cookbook, I immediately wondered what a clothing designer was doing making chicken. I mean, as pricey as those pastels are - surely she has a cook, right? I investigated. Donning my pink tennis skirt with green embroidered lobsters all over it, I read up on dear old Lilly.

As it turns out, she's a chic grammy in East Palm Beach and instead of a door knocker, has a large "L" on her front door. It's an open invitation to walk right in an join her for one of her marvelous meals. Apparently, in between designing those frocks and smocks, she makes some killer recipes and is known for her fantastic dinner parties. She's even written cookbooks and guides to entertaining.

Well, I decided to transport my family to East Palm Beach last night. We dined on this amazing chicken of Lilly's which marinated in lemon juice and white wine with garlic and seasonings all afternoon. Just before popping it in the oven, I rolled each chicken piece in butter and crushed potato chips. Complemented by a white bean salad and some sauteed zucchini, we were truly posh and rubbing elbows with the elite of East Palm.

Back to reality, I realized this pink tennis skirt with green lobsters was not working on me and will be promptly donated to Goodwill. Sorry Lilly - the clothes don't work for me, but your chicken sure is delish!

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