Friday, March 26, 2010

Making a Difference

I feel like the ultimate candidate to be cast in a Calgon commercial. This week has been full of adventure as I executed an extremely successful series of events to honor 22 teachers and staff at my children's preschool. Yesterday was the last hurrah and I couldn't have been more pleased. My caterer showed up on time, was professional and the food totally rocked the house. We had a mexican buffet and it was worth every penny of upgrades spent.

Being a huge fan of party favors, each place setting had a Reece's peanut butter cup egg and a Snickers egg along with an encouraging, appreciative note I composed on behalf of the parents of the students. Along with the party favors and mexican fiesta, each teacher was given a gift and a gift bag full of cards from their students. The coordinating lime green and pink gift wrap choice was matched to my themed plates and napkins from the start of the week (please tell me someone noticed this detail).

Once it was all cleaned up and the last tortilla polished off, I headed home to collapse - only to return a few hours later for our Easter dress rehearsal for our church choir. A phenomenal musical is being performed Saturday and Sunday and I'm living by the teleprompter as evidence of how I did in rehearsals.

In reflection of what took place this week, I am reminded that we all have gifts, talents and abilities and what we do with them will be the difference between a lasting impression or a candle hidden under a basket. It's important to give from what you have. We are all blessed to be a blessing and I challenge you to look for ways to reach out to others. It can be an encouraging word, a meal for someone who is ill, sharing your knowledge, lending a helping hand or surprising someone with a card in the mail. Make a difference. It matters. It means something. It's important.

Enjoy your weekend - go make a difference.

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