Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rod Stewart Smoothies

Today's thoughts muse on days gone by in former positions that had me interacting with high profile celebrities - some A-listers, some C-listers, but celebs nonetheless. I'll keep the job and location nameless, but will tell you that all that glitters certainly isn't gold. I could write a novel on tell-all stories of the rich and famous, but for now, will succumb to a blog post.

Since this is about food, I'll center my celeb sitings to food related coincidences. Rod Stewart once requested a Proper English Tea. I had to educate myself on all the in's and out's of this - as it's more than just a cup of hot water with a bag of Earl Gray on the side. I had to go borrow a $1000 fine service silver tea set from an antique dealer, eduate culinary staff on setting it properly and then sit back and wait 'til he finished so I could return what I'd borrowed. The result was positive in that no complaints were made, but sadly, all my hard work and efforts were not met with a rendition of "Have I told You Lately". Once he was gone, I went to retrieve the set, only to find the kitchen in his suite a total disaster from smoothies he decided to make. Fruit was everywhere and the tea was barely touched.

I had a run-in with Cher similarly. Did you know that she's so picky about her food that she has it specially flown in to wherever she is? Indeed. I have the not-so-fondest memories of her since she was the last celebrity I agreed to take care of before jumping ship into the waters of the banking industry.

Cher's box of food arrived and when I tried to deliver it to her, she refused to acknowledge me. I could literally hear her 3 inches away from me on the other side of the door. She ignored my knocking, so I plopped the box down. She was probably one of the most labor intensive people - having me hire a doctor, secure a pottery studio (in one hour)...the list goes on and is too long to recount.

Instances like these make me appreciate behind the scenes and all that takes place. I will forever remember those who 'make it happen' for those in the spotlight, as I have been on both sides. Many things are smoke and mirrors and it's those that do the grunt work, change the sets, move the lights, deliver the food, sew the costumes, pick out all the yellow m&m's, stand on the tarmac with golf credentials at midnight for the VIPs and clean up after it's all over that are to be applauded. For all those who are behind the scenes, I salute you.

Cheers - with a Rod Stewart smoothie and a triple batch of homemade tapioca pudding I just made.

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