Monday, March 29, 2010

Sell with a Roast

It's Monday and my kitchen was officially closed this weekend due to the Easter Musical at church that I sang in. The musical was amazing, blessed thousands of people who attended, and it was an honor for me to take part.

I've got a mini-dinner party this evening, so the kitchen is open and back up and running. I'm on a roast beef kick right now and I have to say that if someone came out with a room freshener that came in the scent of roast beef in the crock pot - I'd buy it by the case. I love it!

I've heard it recommended that if you're selling your home, put a loaf of bread in the oven to bake while people are touring. It makes them feel like they're at home. Well, if we ever put our house on the market, I'm putting a roast in the crockpot. The smell of roast, carrots and potatoes are wafting through the house and making my mouth water as I write this.

Here's my not so secret recipe:

Quality Meat! Don't skimp - buy the good stuff.
1 packet of Onion Soup Mix
1 package of fresh Carrots
3-4 large Potatoes

Chop and peel your carrots, chop your potatoes (I keep the skin on - there's something sensational and rustic about leaving it on). Place all of that in a large crock pot. Sear your meat in a cast iron skillet with butter. Place the meat ON TOP of the vegetables (fat side up if you're using bottom round). Sprinkle some pepper and garlic salt (don't go crazy - there is salt in the soup mix). Combine the soup mix with 1.5 cups of water and pour over the entire contents of the crockpot. Set it to low and 8 hours later you have a meal that is fit for a king. I make a gravy out of the onion stock that is in the crockpot and add one of the brown gravy packets from McCormick and a nice dollop of sour cream, mixing it well.

Trust me. Your house will sell. They'll be negotiating your crockpot in with the curtains.

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