Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Taco Bell'd It

So, last night I had grandiose visions of an amazing dinner of trout - from what we caught on our last vacation. Unfortunately, it didn't thaw in time - so I was stuck. Nothing else magically appeared in my frig and said "pick me! cook me! call me your dinner!"

My husband walked in the door from work and upon learning of my dilemma, announced we were going out. Oh my hero! I wanted something quick, as we were all starving, so we decided on Taco Bell. I ordered my favorite - a Mexican pizza with a hard taco supreme. The secret is to combine the two. I open up the Mexican pizza box and dump the taco on top, then squeeze 3 packets of hot sauce liberally over my concoction. Folks, you just can't beat it when you're in a Taco Bell kind of mood. Top it off with an Apple Empanada and you'll forget your name. It's delish.

Today was my son's special day at school and since we went out, my time in the kitchen to whip up something Betty Crocker-ish was limited. Remember, my Gloppy Cocoa Puffs were a disaster, so I opted to fill Easter eggs with the plethora of candy we have in the pantry. Ta-daaaaa! All that and time to watch American Idol.

Now for that trout....

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