Monday, April 5, 2010

$35 Dessert Challenge

I’m sitting here eating some strawberry cobbler and a sugar cookie, reflecting on a wonderful Easter weekend. My Lettuce Wraps turned out good, I opted for homemade Eggrolls over the Asian Slaw Salad (marvelous choice) and for Sunday, my ratatouille-ish feeling transformed into an appetizer instead. I made Baked Salami with a Basil Sour Cream to accompany the salad for Easter lunch with all the family. Everything was delicious.

I so enjoy food and the feeling it invokes, for around a dinner table full of dishes and platters - families connect. Every meal may not be award winning and worthy of a cover shot for Southern Living Magazine, but that’s not what matters. If the casserole was made with love and the best effort was put forth on the brownies made from a mix – it’s the thought and effort behind it that counts. Taken a step further – it’s the time spent with the family while eating the food that REALLY matters.

Last week my husband was in New York on business. Being that the Big Apple is a virtual Mecca of culinary delight, I couldn’t wait to hear about each and everything he ate. The highlight for me was a Banana Dessert he ordered one night. It was $35. Clearly, he was in New York. Consisting of a sampler of ultra gourmet banana amazing-ness - foam, custard, 12” chocolate curls coming out of a brulee…it sounded sensational and way out of my league. I’ve ascertained that my culinary strengths do not lie in desserts. My apple pie is made with store bought crusts, and I do use a brownie mix vs. making them from scratch. I know, pick yourselves off the floor, that box of Dunan Hines and I are tight – especially when you sprinkle Butterfinger candybars on top before baking.

I’m implementing a self imposed challenge to better my dessert making skills – and I could use your help. Come up with your favorite dessert – a good $35 dessert and I’ll choose the most challenging delicious sounding one out of what you submit this week. Not only will I make it, I’ll include a photo of the finished product and mail you a sweet surprise. All entries must be submitted by Friday at 12 noon eastern. I’ll announce the chosen recipe next Monday. Please don’t let your recipe involve marshmallow peeps – I find those repulsive. The rest is game!

Have a great week my fellow foodie friends!


  1. Chocolate torte filled with ganache and mousse. Yummm!

    - Denise

  2. Sacher torte or pot de creme get my vote!