Monday, April 12, 2010

Chocolate Truffle Marquis

Happy Monday! I was positively slammed on Friday and didn't have a chance to log a post. I trust you had a wonderful weekend - mine was filled with sushi, pizza and pork tenderloin. I also had a chance to go to a restaurant I hadn't been to in awhile - Brio, where I enjoyed a mouthwatering Chop Salad and a Parmesan Chicken Panini. The Salad far outshined the Sandwich and I enjoyed every bite. Tomorrow I'm hoping to try a new restaurant that has me thoroughly intrigued - the Crepe Cellar. I do love a good crepe - particularly if it's filled with Nutella or Strawberries and Whipped Creme.

I'm excited to reveal the winning entry for the $35 Dessert Challenge. I received fun entries - on my blog, in person and via email. After reviewing them all, I've decided to fix the entry that Marie submitted - "Chocolate Truffle Marquis". This not only sounded amazing, it took me back to my days in hospitality where I would literally sit at my desk and come up with excuses to eat a very similar dessert. I would entertain potential clients and steer them towards dessert, I would host tastings and ensure that it was on the dessert menu, I would do quality tests to make sure it tasted good. Any and every excuse to make this dessert - I used it. With layers of chocolate sponge cake, chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse - you simply can't go wrong. It definately falls within the $35 Dessert Criteria - so I'm going to fix it, report back to you this week with a picture and award Marie a prize pack from Godiva!

Congrats Marie - expect a ballotin of truffles to be sent your way this week and thanks to all of you who participated!

Cheers to $35 Desserts!

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