Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crockpot Madness turns into efficiency.

Brownies for breakfast. I just can't help myself. There were two brownies left in the dish and one can't let them dry out or go stale, now can they? Certainly not! Brownies should never go to waste. So I was simply involved in a rescue mission. There you have it.

Last night, I had the noblest of intentions to make my infamous minestrone - I cook a roast beef and add that to it and it's amazing. However, disaster struck when I disovered (after over an HOUR, mind you) that the outlet I plugged the crockpot into mysteriously wasn't working. Losing an hour of crockpot cooking time basically throws the entire meal into a tailspin. No minestrone on Monday.

Thankfully, I had ground chuck that I DID have a plan for. Usually I stare at it for a few hours before an epiphany hits. This time, I merely shifted the week's menu a bit and found myself engrossed in a cook-a-thon. I made Stroganoff over Rice with Roasted Carrots (roasting is key and my new favorite way to cook carrots). I also whipped up a Layered Mexican Dip for another night. The roast finished up cooking later that evening and now my minestrone is just a few steps away from completion.

Why stress? I got 2.5 meals made in a short time and this will hopefully help the rest of the week out so I can go do important things like catching bugs with my son (he got a bug cage for Easter). We caught a hornet last night - it was rather exciting.

Have a delicious day!

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