Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frumpy and Butterless

Some days I feel frumpy, helplessly disorganized and one key ingredient short of a full recipe. On particular occassions like these, I resort to Carnival Foods. My friends laugh and know that means chili dogs or burgers on the grill. Something quick - it's better than heating up a ghastly frozen dinner, yet not the extreme gourmet 5 course meal that I often attempt. It's nice because I get to employ my husbands expert grilling skills. Last night was chili dogs, tonight is burgers. Throw some tortilla chips with gourmet salsa on the side and you have a meal that's not too shabby.

I have loads of coupons to clip and organize, the clean laundry to fold is clearly competing with Mt. Everest, we're almost out of dish detergent and I have no butter - which, seriously - can a household survive without butter?! When I begin to look around me, I need to remind myself that everything is relative.

I did have tremendous success with my BBQ Chicken Nachos and Monte Cristos earlier in the week! I hope to have more to share when I can dig out of my frumpy state. Talk to you later. : )


  1. girrrrrrl, i hear ya. i am almost out of dish detergent as well, and was out of butter last week. i almost had a "what do i make" breakdown, because I didn't think i had time to fit picking up butter into the schedule. oh, the woes of life ;). ...but, now I'm holding out on getting more dish soap, until I can remember the name of this ever-so-good smelling soap i used at a friend of a friend's house. sadly, i can't remember, and it stresses me out every time i see a dirty dish, haha.

    have a great weekend with the fam!

  2. well, i'm no longer frumpy or butterless, as i remedied that over the weekend. let me know if you remembered the name of that soap! :)