Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I belong to a Chocolate Club

Godiva currently has this marvelous program where if you sign up for their Chocolate Club, you get this nifty membership card and a free piece of chocolate each month. The freebie lures you into the door and you walk out with half your wallet in their cash register because lets face it - who can eat just one piece of Godiva? Certainly not me! I went in with the noblest of intentions of just claiming my freebie, but then I spied the chocolate covered dried apricots...and then I saw the hazelnut chocolate filled clamshells. Oh - let's not forget all of the truffles on the bottom shelf - and the chocolate covered Oreos looked divine as well. Sigh. So much for the freebie. Brilliant marketing on Godiva's part. Brilliant. And how fabulous to say I belong to a Chocolate Club?!

Why didn't they have Chocolate Clubs in school? Rememember all those mindless clubs you had to sign up for so your college applications looked like you were an amazing overachiever? I just polished off some Godiva chocolate for breakfast and it reminded me of an almost bad date experience in high school. Of course I'll share (the story - not the chocolate).

I was new to a school in the 11th grade and it was time for homecoming. I knew no one, was a bit of a fashion emergency and any chance for a homecoming date was just a distant dream. And then it happened.

I was sitting in study hall one afternoon (probably wearing a hawaiian printed pantsuit and oversized gold earrings) when a football player that I barely knew sheepishly stuttered out an invitation for me to accompany him to homecoming. I hardly knew the guy and didn't want my entire evening to be ruined by someone who I wasn't compatible with, so I simply told him he needed to meet my parents. Turning from beet red at asking me to a pale white from fear of meeting the rents, he agreed. In the mean time, this bought me few days to see if I would enjoy a date with him or not. Granted, it's just one date - but I refused to go out with just anyone.

Our entire Senior High had to go on a 2 day retreat shortly thereafter, so THIS was the golden opportunity for me to see what he was all about and I quickly figured out that he was a strange, dull, boring individual with an odd personality. He trapped me into a 3 hour bus ride on the way home and I was like a fish out of water....flailing and flopping helplessly, just waiting for the bus ride to be over so I could escape back to the sea of datelessness. Without meeting my parents, there was no date and he was bound and determined now to all but camp out on my front lawn to go out with me.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and as that bus pulled into the school parking lot, I flew out of my seat, grabbed my suitcase and dove into my mothers car. I layed down on the front floor board of the car so the Odd Potential Date couldn't see me and told mom to drive like a maniac. I couldn't risk him running to the car to ask her if he could go out with me. As always, she came to my rescue and we sped away.

I successfully wriggled out of a homecoming date with him, finding out later that rejection turned into violence and he bashed in some lockers out of frustration. Gracious. Further confirmation that my choice was a wise one. Poor thing - later in life he dropped out of college to sell chocolates at Godiva - shaved his head into a strange mohawk and we lost touch.

Let me remind you of my $35 Dessert Challenge! You have until Friday to submit something delicious.

Ciao Foodies!

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