Friday, April 16, 2010

A Microwave & A Tomato Plant

Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you’ve put something in the microwave uncovered and you hear a loud explosion? I remember to cover my food about half the time, the other half – well, let’s just say that the inside of my microwave could double as a piece of art at the new Bechtler Museum. I have a nifty trick for cleaning your microwave – stick a bowl of water in there and microwave it for about 3-4 minutes. Then let it sit in there another 2. Take it out and then wipe down the inside walls – it cleans in a jiffy! (Such a fun word from the 1950s). Seriously – no scrubbing, no chemicals, just wipe it down and remember to cover your food next time – or don’t, if you enjoy cleaning your microwave with this new technique.

I know you’ve been sitting at the edge of your seat, just WAITING for the results of my Chocolate Truffle Marquis. I too have been at the edge of my seat and unfortunately have not had time to fix it yet. Life sometimes gets in the way of even the loftiest culinary aspiration. I’ve had to put my dream dessert on the back burner as I’ve traveled for business this week, spent time with a close friend, attended choir rehearsal, spearheaded a Leukemia Fundraiser for a co-worker, and made sure that my family is fed and ready for school and work each day. In comparison, the dessert just didn’t make the list.

Tomorrow we’re having our annual family outing to Renfro Hardware to purchase our tomato plants with my father in law. Friends – you haven’t had a good tomato until you’ve eaten one grown in my father in law’s garden. I didn’t even LIKE tomatoes – I picked them off salads and refused them on burgers, until I married a man whose father is the Godfather of tomato plant growing. He follows the method outlined by Renfro Hardware in Historic Downtown Matthews NC. (

We’ll make our trek to Renfro’s – walk on the wooden plank floor and go back in time to the way a hardware store used to be – where they know your name, don’t compromise on quality and you come away from it with an experience, not just a flat of tomato plants. My children enjoy the live chickens out back, the cage of crickets and other novelties you just won’t find in a modern chain hardware store.

I’m going to enjoy quality family time this weekend, and I hope you’ll do the same. Whether you clean your microwave or plant a tomato – make sure you take time for the important things in life. The chocolate dessert will come in time.

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