Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hugging My Skillet

Stop the presses! I'm adding a recipe to my cookbook. Last night I made quite possibly the best Shrimp entree ever. My husband felt like he'd eaten at a fine restaurant in the Bayou. It was marvelous. I started with a recipe that I only had part of the ingredients for, improvised the rest and ended up with a startling show stopper.

I bought some Rosemary Olive Oil Bread about a week and a half ago - thinking I would liven up a few sandwiches. The bread was less than exciting for its original intended purpose, so I threw it in the fridge with the intention of making bread crumbs out of it and freezing them. I hadn't gotten around to the bread crumb making project yet, so I used the bread slices as the base of my meal. Brushing each piece with Olive Oil, I baked them to an almost Crouton consistency and placed them in the bottom of two bowls.

Next came the sauce for the Shrimp. Here's where I just want to hug my cast iron skillet. It makes such a difference in cooking certain foods. I love mine. Into the skillet went Olive Oil and a good handful of chopped Onion with a sprinkling of those Crushed Red Pepper flakes you normally avoid in your spice rack. After a few minutes I deglazed the pan with a splash or two of Lemon Juice. Then I added about 1/2 cup of White Wine. Are you beginning to picture how divine this sauce is? I added some crushed Garlic (folks - crush it yourself, the taste is better than the precrushed, trust me). After a few more splashes of Lemon Juice, I threw in my Jumbo Shrimp. They only take a few minutes to cook, so this meal was done in about 15 minutes (how's THAT for efficiency Rachel Ray?!). I plated the dish by serving the Shrimp over the Rosemary Olive Oil Toast and spooning the sauce over it.

Accompanied by a Tomato Salad on the side, this meal is going in the archives for my dream cookbook writing adventure.

Ciao for now - eat something delicious today!

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