Monday, May 10, 2010

Kabob Horror turns to BBQ Bliss

I had a delicious weekend, but it was in no thanks to my semi-disastrous attempt at marinated beef kabobs on Friday night. I found an unbelievable deal on some sirloin tips that were specifically for kabob grilling. I marinated them in a soysauce/brown sugar/onion recipe that was so good, I wanted to just spoon it down. You could put it on ice cream and it would be tasty, so I felt we were all in for a real treat.

I ended up forgetting where I stashed my kabob skewers, but the pieces of meat were large enough to grill and not fall between the slats, so we improvised a bit and my veggies were done stir fry style in my favorite cast iron skillet (if you don't have one, ask for one for your birthday - trust me).

The meal smelled and looked delicious. It was like the scene from Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswold turns to Cousin Catherine and says "Catherine, if this turkey smells half as good as it looks, we're all in for a real treat!"...and then disaster hits. We gave thanks for the meal, then attempted to cut into the steak. It wasn't over cooked, it was merely the consistency of shoe leather...or rawhide. I, unlike Cousin Catherine, did not burst into tears, I was merely irritated that I wasted money, time and effort on sub-standard meat. The veggies were the saving grace of the meal...and even then, we fought with my 3 year old to even lick one of the red pepper bites. He was convinced that death was imminent if he succumbed to the taste of a red pepper or a zucchini. God forbid the child eat something other than fruit snacks or cheese toast.

Thankfully the weekend got better with a delightful Mother's Day / Birthday celebration with my parents on Saturday night. I fixed those Italian Sandwiches that I told you about a few posts ago and I made the infamous Chocolate Marquis for dessert. It was complete success - and I don't even think my neighbors noticed how I butchered their rose bushes for my centerpieces. SHHHHHH!

Sunday afternoon was spent with my in-laws where we grilled chicken and had some delicious sides and Sunday night my husband surprised me by taking me to my favorite barbeque restaurant that has the best ranch dressing EVER on their salad bar. I went to bed a happy, content and blessed mom. Life is good.

So the kabobs didn't turn out, the family time was priceless and for that, I am grateful.

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