Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm sitting here before school starts for my children, listening to re-runs of Curious George and watching my almost 1 year old throw food all over the kitchen, while I try to get some semblance of breakfast in hungry tummies. I'm rather non-traditional when it comes to breakfast with my children. I've never been a huge fan of eggs - so we switch it up a bit and I serve things like Cheese and Crackers, Yogurt or Macaroni and Cheese. Stouffer's frozen version happens to be my favorite quick fix mac 'n cheese solution. It works for us...I know some of you are probably mortified.

I so wanted to stay on my M-W-F posting schedule for this blog but yesterday not one culinary inspiration came to me. Nothing. Zilch. Then I remembered, I needed to share with you my first adventure on Mind you, I've heard about it enough, researched it plenty, but had never made a purchase. Until this week. I was scanning one of my deal seeking websites and came across a current promotion. I could purchase $25 gift certificates for $2. I read the fine print, analyzed the selection and bravely purchased two for a new sushi restaurant in town - Cyros. Excitedly, I called my husband at work and announced my latest deal and he was onboard in no time.

The restaurant was a fun little eclectic place where the centerpieces had a live Beta fish swimming in them and a floating candle on top. This is miles of entertainment for children.

We ordered a massive platter of delicious sushi rolls of all sorts...and decided to break our 3 year old in gently by ordering some potstickers. With chopsticks poised and ready to plunge into wasabi, ginger and soy sauce, I silently held my breath as he used his kid-friendly chopsticks the waitress made on the spot. The potsticker went into his chew, two chews...I quickly start talking to get his mind off it and it was to no avail. He got a disgusted look on his face and spit it out on the plate. And here I had such amazing aspirations of him enjoying something unique and delicious. Thankfully I was able to go into my magical 'Mom Purse' and provide an alternate albeit strange dinner of Texas Toast and a Granola Bar. I truly think my bag is of the same line Mary Poppins uses. I have been able to come up with just about anything and everything to accomodate many needs with my magic purse. But back to the sushi, I was very pleased and we'll be back, perhaps on a date night without the kids. Two thumbs up to my inaugural experience.


  1. Love this post and love me some sushi :)

  2. I, too, have great aspirations that my 4 year old will try something new one day and like it. Oh well, I can dream, right?