Monday, May 17, 2010

Will I be a Ree?

This past weekend, I went on a crazy bake-a-thon in my kitchen and turned out so many delicious treats, I amazed even myself. I started out baking Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies using my mini tart pans and filling them each with a Dove Chocolate. Out of this world good. Then I moved on to Milk Chocolate Brownies, Plain Chocolate Chip Cookies and some Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins. I was pleased with all but my Muffins - as I overcooked them by about a minute and a half. Trust me, when you're dealing with anything 'mini' this is a big deal. I think they still worked for my intended purpose, but could just hear the judges of my make believe cooking showing scorning me and giving me negatives scores for carelessness. The kitchen looked like a disaster when I was finished, but what a great feeling to have a mini bakery of treats that I could happily see and enjoy as a delicious finished product. I snapped a few photos in an inagural attempt at making my posts more eye-catching and have included one below. I don't see a career in culinary photography any time soon, but the photo does lend itself to the chocolatey goodness that you get to bite into with these cookies. I ate 4 before I regained my presence of mind and stopped - since they were for someone else.

I was reading an article in the paper recently about a mother/daughter duo who opened a bakery in our city and it quickly became so popular, they had to move to a bigger location that would give them double the amout of space. They were just two ordinary women who enjoy delicious, home baked food and bakery sweets and decided to do something about it. Family and friends craved their recipes and the next thing you know, they're an overnight sensation. I sat back and pondered their success. Then I recalled some friends likening my writing to that of 'The Pioneer Woman" - Ree Drummond ( She was a corporate ladder climber and found herself surrounded by two things she loved - family and food and decided to do something about it. Now, she has a well attended following of fans, guest appearances and book signings and has written her own cookbook that has one of my favorite prerequisites: Full page glossy photos. Ree chose to do something about what she loves.

I'm sitting here, pondering Ree and the two bakery ladies and wondering where my love of food, friends and family will take me. I certainly don't have enough blog posts under my belt to warrant a guest appearance anywhere, nor do I even think I'm of that calibur. I'd love to write a cookbook...but want it to be more than a church fundraiser type. I love to try new restaurants and can be pretty saavy at critiquing them. I guess only time will tell.

For now, I'll enjoy cooking Lemon Bars for funerals, Chicken Pot Pies for friends who have babies and Brownies for a last minute pot luck. In the end, those are probably much more important than signing my name to a cookbook at a bookstore...though someday that might be a fun thing.

I'm off to go plant some Zuchini and Yellow Squash...pray they actually grow this year. Last year the worm who ate Jonah's tree in the Bible came to visit and finished off my Squash - and I wasn't even headed to Tarshish or Ninevah. Talk to you later this week!

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