Friday, June 25, 2010

Chocolate Ricotta Tiramisu from an almost Hoader

Man the battlestations! Disaster has hit. I discovered that we had a major crisis last night - we're officially out of olive oil, mayonnaise and ketchup. I recently watched a few back to back episodes of the show "Hoarders." It had me panicked that I had hoarding tendancies. I started madly cleaning storage closets, in hopes that a therapist wouldn't show up at my house and want to talk me through my collection of shirt boxes for gifts (not to worry - I threw away about 20). Clearly my hoarding tendancies don't fall in the pantry with us running out of key staples like ketchup.

We're also out of mayonnaise and that brings me to a funny story about my crazy next door neighbor lady. Remember - the one who picks weeds without putting in her false teeth while wearing her long flowing purple robe? I was fixing one of those amazing Tomato Basil Tarts again and a key ingredient in the topping is mayo. I had already been to the store twice for other things and wasn't heading back for half a cup of mayo - so I called my neighbor. Her husband answered and told me she couldn't come to the phone, then he handed the phone to her (huh?) and she quickly replied that she had cases and cases of mayonnaise and would be happy to give me the rest of the jar she had open. I ran over, grabbed the jar and completed my tart topping. Within 20 minutes the phone rang and it was my neighbor lady wondering if I was done with what I needed the mayo for, as she wanted it back. Thoroughly confused, we returned the jar and I'm not sure that I'll be calling over there if I'm in a bind again.

I'll leave you with this fun recipe for the weekend:

Whipped-up Chocolate Ricotta Tiramisu (thanks Aaron McCargo Jr.!)

20 lady finger cookies
1 cup ricotta cheese
1/4 cup mascarpone cheese
3/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1 cup of strong coffee, cooled
cocoa powder for dusting

Cut the lady finger cookies in half and set them aside.
In your mixer, combine the ricotta, mascarpone, cream and sugar until light and creamy.
Fold in the chocolate chips by hand.

Pour the coffee into a shallow dish. Dip 2 ladyfingers halves into the coffee and arrange them on the bottom of a shallow glass casserole dish (8" square is good - stay smaller than a 9x13). Liberally top with some of the cheese mixture and repeat with another layer of the ladyfingers and cheese. Dust with cocoa powder.

It's like a combination of a Cannoli and Tiramisu and is so quick and easy to make.

Have a delicious weekend!

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