Monday, June 14, 2010

No Pioneer Life for Me

I’m stressed beyond belief and found myself eating Cheetos for breakfast as a result. Last night we had the storm of all storms and while I was thankful to forgo watering my 4 zuchinni plants, I was less than enthused to come home from church to discover we were without electricity. Initially it wasn’t so bad – neighbors said they’d called in the issue and the power would be back on by midnight. No biggie – everything in the frig and freezer could survive until midnight.

We decided to attempt life as a makeshift pioneer family by grilling hotdogs and eating chips by flashlight and a camping light we’d gotten for Christmas a few years back. It was fun while it lasted but the 95 degree humid weather began to hit us as the air conditioning slowly ebbed away. I clearly am not set up for life as a pioneer past grilling a hotdog. Clearly I am a wimp and not ashamed to admit it.

Midnight came and went and the electricity never did come back on. I am unable to sleep as I keep thinking about the shrimp, roast beef and flank steak in the refrigerator and freezer. The alarm on our cell phone finally went off this morning and I told my husband we had to rush our food to my in-laws immediately or else all would be lost – I was beside myself thinking about my efforts of hitting great sales, using my coupons to the fullest and planning ahead with casseroles and lasagna and the myriad of other food items that would surely be ruined and need to be thrown out. Two carloads later the food was safely at my in-laws with the exception of the milk that met its maker when I poured it out ‘just in case’.

So, now that I’m moving on to some fudge covered cookies, we’re totally eating out tonight. I am NOT a pioneer.

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