Monday, July 12, 2010

Butt Success!

Ok, so the meatloaf I fixed Friday night was a huge hit with our guests, but my hubby likes the more gourmet ones I've fixed. I'm debating on whether or not to pull the recipe from the won't go in my cookbook, but it was just fine and the guest had seconds and thirds on everything, so let it suffice to say the meal was tasty and down home good.

I've been contemplating pork recently. I pull my cart up next to the meat section and stare in disbelief at the gigantic cuts of pork - Boston Butt, in particular and wonder what in the world one does with such a behemoth cut of meat? I went out on a limb during a recent sale and purchased a smaller sized butt of my very own and took it home. After researching many recipes, I found several that didn't require a smoker and settled on one of Paula Deen's.

With the help of a dry rub of garlic powder, kosher salt, pepper and seasoned salt, I also massaged in some liquid smoke and put the meat in my roasting pan. The directions further indicate a cup of water and a sliced onion should be placed in the bottom of the pan. After covering it all with foil and heading off to church for our evening service, I purposely had low expectations of this meal and was confident that if it was a disaster, we had some standby leftovers and wouldn't die of starvation. All through church my hands reeked of liquid smoke. It was somewhat amusing to clap my hands and have the scent of a barbecue restaurant waft through the choir loft.
This is my 3.5 pound pork attempt - view is prior to putting in oven.

We got home and every one's noses squinched up into a look of horrid displeasure. A strong burning smell infiltrated our entire home and I was already thinking to Plan B for dinner. I pull what I thought was going to be a charcoal briquette of Boston Butt out of my oven and was pleasantly surprised. I accidentally turned my roasting pan into a smoker in that the water had all evaporated and the onion was unrecognizably charred, but the meat was cooked perfectly! Note to self: increase water amount in bottom of pan for round two.

I chopped the meat, added barbecue sauce and dare I say - it rivals Sticky Fingers pulled pork any day of the week!

I hope your week is off to a great start - fix something delicious and we'll chat soon.

Have a delicious day!


  1. I wouldn't think twice about the meatloaf recipe. It's a classic!
    Try this for your next pork experiment:
    My sister makes this a lot for guests and just for their family. It makes a ton! I made this once and have a weird story behind it, but when I tasted my sister's, it was very, very good.

    Ps. It's not really spicy.

  2. Thanks Amy! I just printed it out. Looks delicious! Can't wait to hear the story behind it. :)

  3. Love that you put PICTURES on the post!