Monday, July 19, 2010

Falling off the Bandwagon

I've been on a no dessert diet. It was going well - though tough at times, until this past Friday. Remember me closing the kitchen? It was for good reason and my husband and I had an incredible meal. We participated in the Charlotte Restaurant Week / Queen's Feast promotion currently taking place. A group of upscale restaurants agreed to a 3 course for $30 meal option for one week. After salivating over about 25 menus, we set our sights on Mickey & Mooch.

Stepping back in time to the Big Band era, live music played in the bar area and we were escorted to a primo table location overlooking a lake (my husband was in heaven - there were ducks and he is an avid hunter). The low lighting and incredible menu options set the tone for the perfect evening. They tipped the scale on their competion, offering not just 3, but 4 courses - each an experience in and of itself. The first course for me was a filet fondue, pepper seared rare tuna with Tabasco butter for my better half. I all but drank the warm gorgonzola fondue that you dipped bite size filet mignon pieces into. Next we both chose the house salad with one of my favorite dressings. It was a warm honey mustard with bacon and I'm smitten with the candied walnuts and dried cranberries that adorned the romaine.

Already full, the main course arrives and I'm staring at a lifetime supply of yukon gold mashed potatoes that surely have at least a stick of butter in each portion, along side tender filet medallions in a sherry reduction, topped with few fried onions. Bliss! It's impossible to finish, but wait!!...There's still one more course. The finale is what causes me to not fall - but DIVE headfirst from the no dessert bandwagon into the dessert cart. I opt for the raspberry cheesecake with the chocolate crust and the waiter keeps trying to talk us into the chocolate cake. Neither of us are cake fans, but he assures us this is no normal chocolate cake. My husband agrees to the selection and after polishing off my cheesecake, I fall in love with his dessert too.

The waiter is right. This is no normal chocolate cake - it's a chocolate heaven. Seven layers of almost fudgelike brownie with rich chocolate mousse slathered in between every lucious layer...enrobed in chocolate ganache and chocolate curls, this dessert is in a league of its own - which is saying something from me, the non-cake eater. We're not able to polish it off at the restaurant, so we opt to bring it home. My husband promptly goes back on the bandwagon and I, not being one to ever let anything go to waste, sacrifice the calories and finish it for breakfast and pre-lunch the next day.

The cake was double this in size when brought to the table...I just couldn't take a picture in time to capture it all.

This is all that was left. Good to the last crumb and worth every calorie. So sad to say goodbye!

Have a delicious day!

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