Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dinner was a FLOP.

I had such great intentions for last night's dinner. In purchasing not one, but TWO packages of barbequed pork ribs at $3.99 a rack, my Sandra Lee-like hopes towards being semi-hommade were dashed against the grill burner and incinerated. They looked so tasty - those innocent pre-cooked ribs, just asking to be heated up on the grill and eaten. Let me further paint the picture for you by adding that my 1 year old was crying because it was his bedtime and my 3 year old was crying because I was making him eat 4 green beans, I had a migrane headache and then my husband brought in one of the two racks of ribs and served them tableside.

After giving thanks, we both ate a bite of meat and the rest played out like the scene of a movie. My husband got this grotesque look on his face like he was going to lose everything he'd eaten all day, and then madly rushed to the trashcan to get rid of the formidable bite he allowed to touch his tastebuds. I'm attempting bite number two as he now has his entire face under the sink faucet to wash his mouth of the taste. I was hoping bite number two was the key to success and it wasn't. The ribs went straight to the trash and we dined on sliced tomatoes and green beans with a bowl of cereal.

My migrane subsided, the kids went to bed and I have $8 of meat in the trash. Things could have been worse - I could have served them for company. You win some, you lose some.

I was recently asked about the salads I make, as I fix one almost every day for our family. The fresh produce and endless toppings make salads one of my favorite side items for dinner. I feel the key to a successful salad is the dressing - you can have simple salad ingredients and the dressing is truly the icing on the cake. My favorite dressing is not in a bottle - I taste the preservatives and don't care for it. Instead, I have my old stand by that has survived the test of time: Good Seasonings dressing packets. I take my little cruet, add apple cider vinegar, water, olive oil and that magical seasoning packet and my salads are transformed into tasty deliciousness.

The salad, in and of itself, varies from night to night depending on what I have in the house - lettuce, tomato, sometimes cucumber, always grated cheddar cheese, always parmesan cheese, sometimes black olives or grapes or raisins and I also like to add cheez-it crackers (slightly crushed) to the top. It's a tasty alternative to croutons. I also will toast almonds or mixed nuts and add them - or sundried tomatoes or roasted red peppers. I never tire of them, as they are different each night. I have a thing for the dressing though - I really feel it's key. And if I should happen to run out of packets, I season my salad with sea salt and black pepper and then carefully pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar on it. Delish! Thanks for helping me decide what to have for of course leftover ribs are not an option.

Have a delicious day!


  1. Thanks for the salad ideas! I serve the same salad every time, so it's good to have fresh ideas, especially in the summer time. Parm. cheese is a good thought . . . By the way, did you save your receipt? HT will definitely give you your money back on those ribs!

  2. Sure thing! I hope you enjoy. They were from FL - I don't know their policy. :(

  3. where do you find these magical seasoning packets in the store? I'll have to be on the lookout. It's time for a new dressing in my rotation :)

    PS- this must've been the same night i had cereal for dinner. i felt deflated about not cooking something healthy for me, but i hadn't had cereal in so long that it was actually yummy and hit the spot, haha!

  4. Look at the top shelf on the salad dressing aisle. They come in a small box with 4 packets and are next to the ranch dip packets. Good Seasonings brand. Enjoy!