Friday, July 16, 2010


Can I be any more grateful that it's Friday? It's been a crazy busy week and I've been running from meeting to meeting, errand after errand, endless projects, baking and cooking up a storm and tonight the kitchen is CLOSED. I'm going on a date with my hot husband and one of my best friends is watching the boys. I'm counting down the hours and minutes until the work week comes to a close.

This week was a big week in our house! We got to harvest the first of our zuchinni and yellow squash that my almost 4 year old and I planted weeks ago. It's been fun to watch them grow and he and I both have a huge feeling of satisfaction as this is the first success we've experienced with this vegetable...the last few years have flopped with the wrong soil or worms that have eaten them or the drought sucking the life out of them. We at last have delicous squash! I was all but ready to set up a road-side stand and make millions, but so far we've just picked 3 - so I'll hold out for a week or two on the entrepreneurship.

Is this the picture of a proud farmer or what?

We grow them in pots, as our soil is basically clay with a lot of rocks in it - not exactly primo gardening conditions. The pots also are placed higher up in our yard so that the herd of 8 deer that like to roam and munch in our neighborhood will stay away from these tasty treats. So far, the deer haven't ventured up to the pots, though they have come pretty close. Let's hope they don't like squash.

1st Harvest! Too bad he wont actually EAT squash. Sigh. Someday...

One of my favorite ways to fix these veggies is a simple saute. I take 2 or 3 zuchinni and yellow squash, thinly slice them along with an onion, and saute them until tender with olive oil, salt and pepper. It's a great side, or I'll even go crazy and add it to the top of a lettuce salad - creating a fun hot and cold combination that's amazingly tasty and delicious!

I'm off to pick out a cute dress for my date tonight - have a delicious weekend!

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