Thursday, July 22, 2010

What day is it?

It's Thursday - which means I'm one day off from my post. Yesterday I was convinced that tomorrow was Friday, and indeed the let down is that it's merely Thursday. I've had two sick children and finally got my first full night's sleep in 4 days last night. I almost don't know what to do with the extra energy. Thankfully one son is completely better, the other is on the mend.

Meals were quick and easy this week in light of it being the sick ward around here. Silly me, always on the verge of the next greatest deal, drug the entire family (sick ones and all) to a local pizza place who had claimed to be passing out free medium one topping pizzas to the 1st 300 customers. Alas, we walk in and are not one of the first 300 customers (though I'm still trying to figure out how we weren't...). Well, since it wasn't free, it wasn't for me - we drove back home and had grilled chili dogs instead. Hey - if it's not in the budget...

I also entertained my husband's expert grilling capabilities with marinated chicken breasts that we sliced and put on salads to be our entree. They were delicious! I had marinated them with a dry rub seasoning that was lurking on my pantry shelf. Taking a picture of the food just didn't materialize due to my eyes being crossed and the room spinning from my exhaustion, so catch me on the next post, ok?

I will tell you that I served these wonderful salads in the most fun salad bowls I own. Fun story behind my odd shaped porcelein bowls...I was eating at an Italian restaurant for lunch one day and my Caesar Salad came out looking like a work of art and was presented in one of these bowls. I fell in love with them and asked the manager if he'd be willing to sell me a few. He agreed and I am the proud owner of funky shaped bowls that take over my entire dishwasher. But boy are they fun! I'm convinced the added aesthetic appeal increases the deliciousness of the dish.

Have a delicious day and hang in there with's almost FRIDAY!

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