Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When You Are 100.

It's just me and a large bowl of Praline Ice Cream as I sit here and ponder my whirlwind holiday weekend. I'm simply not ready for the festivities to draw to a close - though I don't think we could have packed in one more detail.

It was a 4 day weekend for me and I flew to Mississippi to celebrate my husband's grandmother's 100th birthday. It was a special time, spent catching up with family and reminiscing on favorite memories with the birthday girl. I honestly have never met (until now) someone reaching that milestone. I sat and thought about what she has seen and experienced in her lifetime. It's amazing! Some have asked, what do you get someone for their 100th birthday? My response? You. There is no gift more precious than time spent with the ones you love.

From Mississippi back to North Carolina we spent time with additional family, attending fabulous services at church, splashing at the pool, fishing, shopping, eating, eating, eating, setting off fireworks and singing patriotic tunes. My head hit the pillow with a contented sigh last night.

I already find myself looking forward to the next event or holiday - which will be a family vacation in mid-August. My husband has implemented (starting today) a health regime that omits desserts so he (we) can get in shape. He's challenged me to an abdominal workout as well. Not quite ready to fully adopt this health kick, I'm licking the remnants of carmel and praline bits out of my bowl and will start tonight...though we're having ribs...not exactly your Jillian Michael's type diet - but perhaps we'll forgo the peach cobbler staring us down in the refrigerator. Wish me luck - sweets are my downfall.

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  1. Ooh, having just cleaned out a bowl of ice cream myself, I can't say I'd do so well on that challenge - good luck!