Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cruising from the Culinary Point of View

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of life without a personal wait staff again…though it’s been a tough transition. One really does get spoiled on a cruise – there is a team of staff who literally clean and straighten your room every time you leave – that involves a bathroom clean and towel replacement too (I so wanted to put these people in my luggage and bring them home).

Every morning we’d either hit the fine dining room where I got hooked on Eggs Benedict, or we’d mosey on over to the more casual buffet style dining where I’d concoct a Ham and Cheese Croissant while shoveling as many Apple Danish as is humanly possible into my mouth. My son all but camped out at the round the clock soft serve Ice Cream machine and by the time breakfast wore off, we were usually off the ship enjoying local island cuisine and some of the best fresh cooked fish you’ve ever eaten. I had a Blackened Grouper and Vegetable Wrap one afternoon on Grand Turk Island that rivals any fine seafood restaurant – and who can beat the view of crystal clear water on a white sandy beach? Irreplaceable!

Dinners were back on the boat and we chose to eat dinner each evening in the fine dining room. The food was a mix of average and good – it’s hard to feed exceptional food to 2000 people from a varied menu that will please every palate. The advantage I enjoyed was being able to select a few appetizers and a few entrees – so if you didn’t enjoy the Caesar Salad, the cold Strawberry Soup brought the smile back to your face. And if the Eggplant Parmesan was a little too salty, the Petit Filet or Chateaubriand with Hollandaise made your evening complete – almost. Dessert was always a treat and I literally fell in love with the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. I ate it 3 nights in a row and polished off every bite – never mind the looks one gets from licking the ramekin – it’s worth every calorie. I also enjoyed Cappuccino Pie and the Tiramisu that incorporated Grand Marnier into the pastry crème. Oh the bliss!

I came back with inspiration for some new dishes to try at home and enjoyed being catered to hand and foot. It was a relaxing time away, spent with those I love and I am blessed. No doubt about it.

Have a delicious day and thanks for enjoying my adventures!

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