Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Dinosaur, An Egg and a Foodie

I need the chocolate and peanut butter milkshake I’m drinking right now about as much as I need a hole in my head, but it’s hard to resist the delicious frozen decadence of a milkshake that I’ve deemed surely from Heaven. I cannot begin to explain the elation of being off my no-dessert diet…hence the milkshake…and the Twix bar I ate for a snack, and the chocolate covered rice krispy treats I ate for breakfast, but more on that later. This past weekend we celebrated my son’s 4th birthday and it was all things dinosaur related. I announced to my husband that I do not like cake, do not bake cakes, cannot make them look remotely appetizing and do not have the creativity of a master pastry chef to create a masterpiece likened to that on a Food Network Challenge, so we were going to buy an ice cream cake. He just gave me a knowing smile and kept driving the car.

I realized that an ice cream cake at an outdoor birthday party in 97 degree humid weather was the dumbest idea I’d come up with all day and began just peeking at ideas online. It was just a peek…a subtle curiosity into what other moms had done for their children’s dinosaur themed birthday cakes and I stumbled upon and would like to hug Betty Crocker, her website, and her dinosaur cake idea. Betty, I made a fun little cake that delighted audiences of all ages and I have you to thank.

Granted, my icing spreading abilities will not be winning any awards, but bear in mind that my target audience was 4 years old.

I surprised even myself. It was one triple chocolate cake mix which made two 9” layers, two containers of whipped butter cream icing and a handful of Raisinettes, Hershey Kisses and Malted Milk Balls. What’s not to love?!

To keep in theme, I also made Dinosaur Eggs…and I have Kelloggs to thank for this grand idea. They had the idea at Easter time and I pulled it out of my back pocket for the occasion. Making a batch of Rice Krispy Treats, I formed them into egg shapes, dipped them in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles. These are FABULOUS and I polished off the last one for breakfast. I need another excuse to make these – and SOON. Perhaps something at Halloween will surface. These are too fun and fabulous to merely fix once.

So now that I’m coming off my dinosaur sugar high, I’d like to give you some super fun news. The musing foodie has made the plunge into some culinary aspirations and I’m excited about the opportunity. I’m now a Featured Publisher with a large food blogging community called FoodBuzz. I’ll be competing in contests and will have a wider audience with which to share my foodie adventures with. Thanks for your support in getting me to this next step. That cookbook dream is one step closer.

Have a delicious day!


  1. Congratulations on taking your blog to a new level and love the dinosaur egg:)

  2. I don't know anything about FoodBuzz, but I'll be checking it out. Good for you!
    I don't know how I missed having a bite of that pretty little cake, but it sure looked like fun!