Monday, August 23, 2010

A Lava Cake Vacation.

Dear friends, I've been remiss in posting to this delicious blog, but have the best excuse! I was eating 'til my heart's content aboard a wonderful cruise that went to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos! I've returned with a tan, sunburnt nose and boatful of memories. We took my almost 4 year old and adventure ensued at every port.

I have much to share, but am in the midst of settling back into reality. I returned to an empty refrigerator - save an open can of red beans that had turned into a science project and whose smell infiltrated the entire kitchen. I'm sitting here looking at grocery ads and coupons and feeling rather inspiration-less as I have been catered to non-stop for every meal, snack and whim. Someone else made the menu choices of which I merely had to say "I'll have two of these, one of these and add some molten chocolate lava cake on the side." Divine! I believe I could eat it every day - and practically did.

So, before I aimlessly hit the grocery store, I wanted to say hello to each of you and bid you a delicious week. I'm in the midst of planning the ultimate dinosaur themed 4 year old birthday party, along with restocking my shelves, downloading vacation pictures and undergoing a bit of redecorating. I have 3 rooms to transform. Much to do! Ciao for now!

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