Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Duper Grouper

Still basking in the memories of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, I attempted to recreate one of my favorite meals while on vacation. A local island grill, located on Pillory Beach, Grand Turk served an amazing Grouper and Vegetable Wrap. Feeling like a local, based on the tan I came back with, I purchased a large filet of Grouper and some blackening seasoning and my husband brought his grill master skills to our cast iron skillet. The result was a masterpiece that will soon be repeated!

I took whole wheat tortillas, added red leaf lettuce, roma tomato slices, swiss cheese and italian salad dressing and topped it off with the Blackened Grouper. The results were fabulous! There was no talking while we were enjoying - all you could hear was the munch and chew and savory smack of a happy family devouring a delicious dish - even the kiddos enjoyed!

If you're stuck in the fish stick abyss of sea creature fear, branch out and try Grouper. It's a firm white flesh with a mild taste and doesn't take long to cook. My next attempt will probably be Blackened Grouper over a salad. The healthy bite of the veggies combined with the delicious flavor of the fish make this combo hard to beat.

Have a delicous day!

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