Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Snapper

I left half of my brain behind the toilet along with my son’s bouncy ball collection today. Getting both kids ready for school, I painstakingly label diapers, slice grapes in half, get everyone geared up for the start of another great week…only to walk in to school and realize my one son is on a 3 day program and doesn’t have class today. So I drop off one, take one home with me and forgo returning the Entenmann’s cheese Danish that I mistakingly bought at the buy one get one free sale. I have a little secret. We adore Entenmann’s Raspberry Danish twist and eat it every Sunday morning before church. When the grocery store runs a buy one get one free sale, I consider it a sign from Heaven above and buy at least 4 or 6…slice them in individual servings, put them in sandwich bags and toss them into my beloved deep freezer. Breakfast is SERVED in less than 60 seconds every Sunday for the next few months. Don’t tell anyone – it’s my little secret and the sale ends at midnight tomorrow at HT.

When I was grabbing what I thought was the right Danish, my husband was hanging out in the seafood department and came back to the cart with a filet of Red Snapper. My favorite! Last night when we got home from church, we collaborated on an incredible salad for dinner. He cooked the snapper while I made the salad and it was a match made in heaven as we topped off the salad with the fish and promptly devoured after giving hearty thanks for this deliciousness.

After buttering the fish and sprinkling some blackening seasoning on it, a toss into the trusty cast iron skillet turned on the wow factor, while I rustled up some leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced grapes, blue cheese crumbles, parmesan cheese and Italian salad dressing. We both agreed it was “Restaurant Good.”

I hope you have a delicious day! I’m off to retrieve the rest of my brain and figure out the week’s menu.

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