Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honor 9/11 with Baked Goods

I'm sitting here with a new pimento-less jalapeno pimento cheese dip I've been perfecting and a box of kleenex. This week there have been tv documentaries on 9.11.01 and the images are etched into my heart and mind as if the horrific event took place yesterday. I can't watch without tears falling down my face.

I head up our volunteer efforts at my job and came across the best idea as a service project, so I put my team up to the challenge and wanted to extend it to you as well. To honor our service men and women for their heroism, you are tasked to bake some treats and deliver them to your local fire or police station this Saturday.

Bake some brownies, cookies, cupcakes...whatever says THANK YOU and head over to your local station. Shake a hand, hug a neck - let our heroes know that we appreciate them and we will never forget their sacrifices.

Thanks for making a difference!

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