Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet Potato Flop turns into Peach Pie Perfection

Foodie friends, I have to give you a big THANKS! I'm learning about more and more of you reading this blog, trying the recipes and laughing at my mishaps. It makes my heart happy - thank you for taking the time to join me on my adventures.

Some ask why I include my recipe failures on here - why is it not just the perfect meals that make it to the blog - wouldn't you want to just show off your best? My answer is this: life is full of bumps and bruises, burnt zucchinni bread and overcooked casseroles. We all have faced, at one time or another, a kitchen mishap - I've had more than my fair share! I am an every day, down to earth, real person who makes honest mistakes and I have learned to laugh at them and take them in stride. I learn and move on. You take the good with the bad...it's life and I'm living it!

I had to learn and move on with the sweet potato casserole I made on Sunday, case in point. The recipe I'd been wanting to try had a delicious topping that I felt would rewrite sweet potato casserole history. So confidant was I, that I decided to fix this for a big meal at my parents with long time friends of our family's in attendance. They are big time gourmet foodies and I wanted to impress, so I make a recipe that I had never tried, with a root that I'm not the fondest of. WHAT was I thinking? The ONLY way I like sweet potatoes is diced and roasted with olive oil and sea salt. I'll stand by that forevermore - especially after this.

Everyone dines buffet style, we're sitting down to eat and I hear a weak "CC, your recipe is...good." I exhuberantly respond, "REALLY? Oh Thank you!"...then I put a mouthful of the paste-y tasteless mess into my mouth, barely swallow it down and then announce that everyone should STOP eating. I declare that the recipe was new, terrible and should not be forced down and that it wouldn't hurt my feelings to leave the gloppy mess on their plates. Now, only my husband will admit to the sigh of relief, but I know I heard others.

I made those crushed peanut covered pound cake bites this weekend too. Not bad, but really not worth making again. Try as I might, I couldn't make them look remotely appetizing or pretty. They truly looked like I chewed up peanuts and spit them in globs on a cookie sheet. Now THAT will be a show stopper at a baby shower, eh?

I finally rest on the laurels of my rustic peach pie. I call it rustic in that I made the pie crust from scratch and I didn't have enough dough to crimp or scallop the edges...so rustic fits the bill! Fresh peaches baked in a homemade crust and I am penning a thank you note to the folks at Southern Living. It's delish and oooo's, ahhs and 'Mommie, can I PLEEEZ have some more delicious peach pie?' were heard all weekend.

I am a content woman.

Have a delicious day!


  1. Congrats on your peach pie, I'm glad you were happy with it, hope we get to see a picture:)

  2. Hey Patty - check the last photo and enjoy! I'm off to eat the last piece. :)

  3. I'm looking at your blog using a different browser and now I can see the photo and it does look very good:)

  4. Thanks for the inspiration Patty! I'm baking another one for a dinner I'm attending this Friday night. You've started something! :)