Monday, October 18, 2010

A hairy chest and the promise of FREE JELLO!

Don't tell anyone, but I believe I made the Jambalaya SO spicey, there is now hair growing on my chest. My husband clearly has a cold, because as I am blowing my nose and drinking gallons of water in between each bite, he is generously dousing his meal with more hot sauce. I'm surprised his tastebuds didn't suffer 3rd degree burns. Aren't we a pair - a hairy chested woman with a tastebud-less man? LOL.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend - we had lots of family time and I loved it. There is a store I've been wanting to discover for about 2 years now and Saturday was my lucky day. We loaded the family up and drove me to a Fresh Meat store in the town of Waxhaw, NC. I wanted to know what it was all about - as the sign just says Fresh Meat with a phone number at the bottom. It's a small retail establishment, but when we pulled up, there was a large inflatable bounce castle for kids, a vegetable stand set up alongside a cotton candy and popcorn machine...further down the drive was a Food Truck selling Tacos and a local Mexican radio station was blaring festive music as a crowd of people at least 20 deep stood in line. The excitement was about more than I could stand!

We flocked to the action with the throngs of people and as I elbowed my way inside, I was greeted by the owners. It must have been the overwhelming deer in headlights look on my face that alerted them that I was a new comer. They quickly explained we hit the store during a special that was being advertised on the Mexican radio station, and that for coming in during the special, we were going home with FREE JELLO! Oh HOLD ME BACK from the joys of free jello! The meat was fresh and local - chicken, beef, pork - and if there was a cut you didn't see, just request and they'd go in the back and cut it fresh for you. It was less than the supermarket pricing and the meat was BEAUTIFUL (if you could call raw meat beautiful). I was impressed.

I didn't succumb to the peer pressure of a sale though, as I have a stockpile of meat in my beloved deep freezer that will carry us through many moons. I will be remembering this fun place for future reference though!

We left the store to let the kids jump in the bouncing castle, enjoy the aroma of fresh tacos, popcorn and cotton candy, and ponder what one does with fresh cactus at the vegetable stand.

I say - Ole!


  1. Where is this store? I want to go. Do you ever go to Compare Foods on Independence? I love it. The TJ Maxx next door is the best one in Charlotte.

    Have you ever had the Nopolitos Salad from Cabo Fish Taco? It is cactus, black beans, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, cilantro, lime and probably other stuff I am forgetting. Its delish. I make it but the cactus comes in a jar...not sure what they do to it before the put it in a jar.

    My dad has a building at the corner of Nations Ford & Arrowwood and there is a store in there called Carniceria la Costena. They have the BEST marinated meat. It is either flank or skirt (I think its skirt) steak. We just grill it for like 2 minutes a side, slice it and make tacos. They also have awesome freshly made tomatillo salsa. You should definitely take your family on a field trip there.

  2. Here is the store:,+NC&cid=0,0,11880433844087684742&ei=OIi9TNSCFcGB8gar45z7Bg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBMQnwIwAA#

  3. P.S. If you go to Compare Foods, you must get the pastries. I know you like sweets so its definitely up your alley. I really like the Guyaba e Queso (Guava & Cheese). It is awesome. Nick's favorite is the pina (pineapple). This is where I go to learn Spanish. For some reason, people speak Spanish to me at random places that I go and sometimes I can actually answer them in the Spanish I learned at Compare Foods (I took French).

  4. Britt - it's next to Furniture Factory Outlet World. Haven't been to any of those stores but will have to check them out and you now have me craving Guava Pastries! :)