Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a fan of The Crepe Cellar

Last night I was treated to a marvelous meal at The Crepe Cellar. The foodie in me is a huge fan of Crepes. Wild horses couldn't stop me from this restaurant once the invitation was given. I went in armed with an empty stomach, which was a very wise decision. My initial intent was to have dinner and dessert there...and then have dessert again at my favorite little Amelie's...but that was thrown out the window when they had to all but roll me out of the place like Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka.

Back to the meal...the menu is modest, not over complicated with 2700 choices. I was easily able to select, and then deliciously wait until each course arrived. The starter was a heaping plate of hand cut french fries, topped with basil pesto, melted brie and fresh tomatoes. There wasn't even a smidgen of a crumb left on any of our plates when the main dish arrived. It was an unusual blend of flavors that made you stuff these fries into your mouth as fast as you could; a race to see who could eat the most pesto brie laden bites.

I selected a savory crepe as my main course - afterall, who goes in an orders a burger at a crepe place? Wilted spinach, sauteed mushrooms, carmelized shallots and goat cheese carefully robed in a buckwheat crepe with a side of homemade macaroni and cheese. Pure bliss. I savored each bite and was trying to figure out how to lick out the cheese sauce from my ramekin of macaroni without looking like a fool. I finally gave up, lest the artsy crowd that surrounded me had me arrested for uncouth food eating habits.

And on to dessert...the crowning glory of the entire experience. Why choose just one? We chose two and four of us still weren't able to gobble it all. The first dessert was a nutella and banana crepe, lightly dusted in powdered sugar. It went down oh-so-easily. Then my fork marched its way to the second dessert that was the ultimate show stopper. My stomach did a happy dance over this amazing concoction. Take a rich chewy, fudgey brownie and wrap it in a sweet crepe...go ahead and layer in lots of nutella, top it with a softball sized scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and swizzle some brandied whipped creme on the size while you're at it. I couldn't even speak. I was in a complete dessert trance as I ate bite after bite of nutella crepe heaven.

That my friends, is a delicious restaurant that I'm adding to the most wanted list. I simply must return - and soon! Thank you Crepe Cellar for a stellar experience!

Have a delicious day!

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