Thursday, October 7, 2010

My life as a professional deviled egg maker

My kitchen smells like a sulfur plant but I now have 2 dozen delightful deviled eggs that bring me extreme joy. I have to admit - I've never liked deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs - or eggs period - unless they were scrambled and included lots of cheese. My grandmother is known for making amazing deviled eggs and I used to lick the yellow center out and pitch the egg white. Until today.

I received a request to make 2 dozen of these beauties for a dinner some people are having. I was a bit befuddled (fun word!) as I've never made them...and the last time I licked out the yellow center I was about 5 years old (who has refined tastebuds at 5?). No one in my immediate family is a fan of them, so I haven't been around them much. Not being one to shirk in the face of challenge, I agreed to make these little "devileds".

Several friends passed along their tips to success, and armed with a fuzzy idea of what to do, I set out to make something dazzlingly delicious. Can I tell you how fun these are to make? I need more excuses to fix these - so someone hit me up for your next potluck or something. Peeling the egg - way cool. Slicing those eggs in half and squeezing out the yolk to where they literally jump into the bowl - hours of entertainment. I then mixed in sea salt and pepper, finely minced onion, mayonnaise and spicey brown mustard. ShaZam! Perfection was piped into each little egg white and topped off with a fun dash (or two) of Paprika. We have something to talk about - these make me want to become a professional deviled egg maker.

Have a delicious day!

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