Friday, October 15, 2010

Walmart and Reece's Pumpkins De-Stress

For some reason, though I tend to buy in bulk, I let things run out until we’re running around looking for napkins or Kleenex since the toilet paper has vaporized. I’m sure that never happens to you. Better yet – the paper towels are gone and you’re using your hand, your shirt sleeve or dish towels to wipe food, faces, crumbs and dishes.

I was a bit stressed today and made a trip to Walmart over lunch to put an end to Kleenex and shirt sleeve use. Holding my breath as I pass the Subway inside (that ghastly bread makes me want to hurl every time I smell it – the lovely after effect of having two children and major scent sensitivity)…the cart glides with ease to the candy aisle. It’s almost as though there is an invisible GPS on my cart. There, I am in a safe haven of sugary sweets that put me in a happy place. Reece’s peanut butter pumpkins might be the most perfect candy on earth. Just standing next to 40 cases of them, I start to calm down and head over to other random aisles to peruse protein bars (Ooh! They’ve done a re-org), cookie and cupcake decorations, the price of mixed nuts and then it’s to the check-out lane. I’ve made an unprecedented move by only purchasing the three things on my list and nothing more – no miscellaneous pumpkins, lotion infused socks, cheese balls that will feed the 5000. Nope, I’ve purchased my quota and head home with tp, paper towels and a movie from Red Box.

As soon as 5pm hits, I’m making Jambalaya, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and popping in the movie to enjoy with my family.

Let the weekend begin!

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