Friday, November 5, 2010

Apple Danish meets Gingerbread House all in a fit of insomnia

I have a simple confession - I ADORE Apple Danish. Whether it be at a conference, hotel continental buffet, church sunday school class or a restaurant, I am lured to Apple Danish as though there was a homing device baked in them crying EAT ME! Biting into the appley deliciousness (that is half apple pie / half apple sauce consistency) enrobed in a flaky buttery pastry crust sends me to a very happy place.

I was up until well past midnight pondering Apple Danish possibilities and constructing a Gingerbread house in my mind. I'm doing my homework and will keep you posted on how this Danish Adventure turns out. As for the Gingerbread house, well it just so happens there is a competition that I'm entering this year at a local hotel. The proceeds from the votes go to benefit our Children's Hospital. In my mind (until well past midnight) I constructed something magical and amazing that rivaled anything ever created for the National Gingerbread Competition held each year in Asheville, North Carolina. If you've never seen them, it's worth the trek to the Grove Park Inn! A family favorite tradition for sure.

So anyway, I made a gingerbread house once in my life and that was in Mrs. Goodan's Home Ec. class in 11th grade. I was so proud of that house...until my Golden Retriever ate it for dinner one night. I know I can make a replica, albeit a few years since I was in 11th grade. The creative juices are still stay tuned on THAT adventure as well.

Now for my equally latest hairbrained idea, I woke up yesterday morning and had the burning desire to host a cooking show (I've been promising my friend Colleen for over a year that I would do this). Yesterday is when the urge hit, so I'm having a bunch of choir cronies over next Saturday for a breakfast extravaganza. How fun does that sound? Let's hope no one notices that I have no curtains up in my living room. They don't arrive until December 25. Bare rods can be a trend, right? Right....

Friends, I hope you have a delicious weekend - I've already started buying 'party foods' to ring in the holidays. You should do the same!

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