Monday, November 8, 2010

Fiesta in my mouth! Chicken Nachos.

It's cold outside folks. Frost covered my lawn and roof and the kids were so excited they thought it snowed this morning. Bundled up much like the kid who licked the flagpole in "A Christmas Story" we got everyone off to school. I hope you had a great weekend. I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep and had fabulous family time. We got pizza from our favorite haunt - Brooklyn Pizza. I enjoy it so much, I secretly want to take tupperware in my purse to snag their amazing grated Parmesan cheese. Don't tell anyone...and NO, I don't do this (yet).

I spent a lazy Saturday morning making Deviled Eggs and half of them were a flop. I didn't let the 2nd batch boil long enough, so I had to start over on those, and then I got a little happy with the sea salt. I hope the poor people that got batch #2 don't hold the over-salting against me. Oops. Thankfully eggs are only $.77 this week. My husband thinks I might have salt hypersensitivity right now though, as we grilled a marinated pork loin that I wouldn't even eat - it was too salty. You'll never have to embalm me when I die - I'll already have enough salt in my system to preserve me from the pork loin. That was gross. Sorry.

Perhaps I DO have salt hypersensitivity and the eggs really weren't overly salty on batch #2. I prayed for them anyway. They were for a funeral meal.

On to a super awesome topic - we had a total Fiesta on Saturday night that was so amazingly delish, we repeated it after church on Sunday night. Earlier in the week I was craving chicken nachos. I can throw down on nachos like no other, and really wanted to make something party-like and fun, so this is necessity being the mother of invention. (I love that term - got it from the movie "Little Women").

I had a package of boneless skinless chicken breasts that I cut the yuck off of and threw in my crockpot. Can we pause right here? Why, if the chicken is boneless an skinless, do they hide mystery yuck on the chicken still? You open the package and underneath is the yuck. Please cut that off Chicken Man! Ok, I'll go back to my recipe now. Adding in about 1/2 a cup of salsa and a 1/4 cup of water with salt and pepper, I let the chicken slow cook while I went to the Metrolina Expo with the fam all day. When we got home, I shredded the chicken (please shred and don't chop - it will change your life for the better). In a big pyrex dish or cookie sheet, I layered tortilla chips, the shredded chicken and lots of cheddar cheese. I popped it into a 350 degree oven to melt the cheese and while this was happening, I got out all my fun toppings - salsa, black olives, tomato, guacamole (made this from scratch), sour cream, and put it all on the table. By then the cheese was melted and the nachos were ready.

I called the hungry brood to the table, from playing tag all over the house and let everyone top their chicken nachos with the toppings of their choice. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, they were delicious! I got a resounding "Mommy - this is so delicious! Much better than other dinners!" - hoping he was talking about the pork loin?

It was a fiesta that was quick and easy and all I can say is Ole!

Have a delicious day!


  1. Yummy. We made nachos last week too. Similar to yours, but without the meat. I think of them as a restaurant appetizer but it's great as a meal too!

  2. Nuh uh! We had these this weekend tooo!!!!!!!! They are sooooooo good w/ Amy's fresh black eyed peas salsa! I'm glad your teeth are better and you finally got your nachos.