Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love cookies. Oh, and being on TV (?!)

I seriously might hyperventilate and pass out right this second. Remember that nifty cookie contest I wrote about yesterday? Well, it turns out it's getting some great media coverage this year, since the proceeds from the contest benefit the Levine Children's Hospital. This is the 3rd year the contest will run and it gets bigger and better each year.

I won second place last year (which completely floored me) and so I thought I'd attempt it again this year since I love cookies so much. And truffles. And chocolate. And cheesecake...oh wait, we're talking about cookies. Focus! What I would give for a milkshake right about now.

Local news station WBTV is covering the event and asked the hosting hotel, Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge, if there were any returning contestants who won last year that might be up for a television interview. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO! In walks The Musing Foodie. I've been booked for a 30 minute taping tomorrow morning at my home and from there it will mostly get sliced, diced and consolidated into a fun little clip that will hopefully air sometime this weekend. We'll promote the contest that runs this Sunday and I might put in a little itty bitty plug for my blog. We'll see. I might be passed out on the floor, remember?

Now in the midst of this, I'm throwing a Christmas Party tonight. If any of you have seen my cooking in action, you know the kitchen is an utter disaster when I'm done. (Which equals a late night of clean up to have a beautiful kitchen for a camera crew in the morning). I've gone for an Italian Theme this year and here is the menu to tantalize those tastebuds:

CC's Italian Soiree

Appetizers - Brie en Croute and Deep Fried Lasagna Bites
Main Course - Hot Italian Sandwiches with Marinara Dipping Sauce and a Tortellini Salad
Dessert - Oreo and Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles (and a gooey chocolate cake if I'm able to get my super woman cape to work correctly)

So there you have it - a party and a tv spot. WOW! Please pray I don't pass out.

I'm off to go make some truffles, vacuum the house and conjur up a milkshake...and maybe a Twix Bar.

Can't WAIT to tell you how the taping goes - pray for me y'all!


  1. aww I'm so excited!!! you should have stopped and told me today!!!! I would have jumped up and down with you! haha

    your menu for tonight sounds AMAZING!! have fun!!!

  2. Thanks April - we'll still jump up and down, k? Thanks for your support!!!!!

  3. SO fun! what cookies are you going to attempt this year? oh, and oreo and chocolate cheesecake truffles? i'd die. yum!

  4. will be famous!!! Please post something on your blog so I can see you on TV. I don't think I will be able to see if it Knoxville! So proud of you :)

  5. I will pay you to come throw the Italian party at my house. Yummo. Can't wait to see you on my TV. We all know it's where you belong.

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  7. ktabs - the truffles are divine! Will post about them soon.

    Becky - thanks!!!! around 6:30ish on 12/17 they will post it.

    Shelley - I'll let you pay me to come throw an Italian Party - it was a huge success! :)

    Thanks for your support everyone. I'm slightly overwhelmed.