Monday, January 10, 2011

BJs closes and there's a run on toilet paper!

I continue to be amazed at the lack of restraint a consumer exhibits when a feeling of urgency is evoked. (Myself being one of them). Case in point, BJs, a regional bulk food distributor (Similar to Sam's Club for you out of towners) is closing a store in my town. Word on the street was that 50" flatscreens were walking out the door for around $300 and you could land 3 pounds of sugar for a dollar. Well, paint me green and call my Gumby - I fell for it and convinced my husband to check it out with me.

With children in tow and not a shopping cart to be found, we forged into the abyss of 'perceived' savings and saw lines - LONG lines at every cash register with carts over flowing. I thought we'd found the Promised Land in the form of a closeout at BJs. Not quite.

We took the store aisle by aisle...the flat screens had long since walked out the door and there wasn't a grain of sugar to be found for a dollar. Apparently a select number of items were discounted to lure in the customers...along with lifting the membership fee (we aren't members, just innocent bystanders in search of a deal). I was admittedly disappointed. I had hoped to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and was faced with all face value full price products - many of which were tossed and turned in crazy disarray. Not to mention being slightly unnerved by the amount of security patrolling the store. You don't exactly want to put the jumbo case of diapers in your cart with an armed guard eyeing you warily.

I found some deals that were cheaper than the grocery stores (even calculating in coupon savings). So we walked away with butter, a case of diapers (I ignored the guard), some cream cheese dips, granola bars and protein powder (that would be my husband's find that made him ever so happy). It was a fun adventure, but man I wanted sugar for a buck. (please note the happy 18 month old that found the protein and thought it was his own personal sandbox below).

My second case in point is a winter storm we're currently experiencing in the Carolinas. Inches and inches of beautiful fluffy white snow have been falling since before dawn and it's completely shut down most of the town. No school, no nothing! I know the folks up north have to be laughing at us...a few inches and we waive the white flag in surrender, strip the grocery store shelves and hibernate like bears. The question I ask, is why do milk and bread have to be the staples of winter storm choice? Is there something magical I am missing out on?

I felt the urgency of the impending blizzard yesterday after church. Knowing that I had a mere two days left of super double coupons at the grocery store, I needed to capitalize on the conditions before I was forced to stay in my house to drink milk and eat bread. I gathered my final fistful of coupons and fled to the store...only to find it a mad house of fury with people throwing items in their carts like the world was coming to an end. Of all the things to grab...toilet paper and pancake syrup shelves were stripped apparently the milk/bread list just got lengthened.

I refused to get tangled in the web of traditionalism and bucked the system with the purchase of chicken (buy 1 get TWO free), Totinos pizzas and chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. We will survive this snow storm in style - all 4 inches of it.

I'll bid you adieu as I go clean up about 2 pounds of vanilla flavored protein. Enjoy sledding and consider yourself just taken out by a virtual snow ball. :)



  1. Love this! I'm just glad we were able to buy the Sunday paper with coupons before the storm hit. My normal stockpile of TP had run out and we're down to 3 rolls. Not looking good with the storm. Being from NY, I can't stand the way the city shuts down.

  2. Ohhhhhhh, so YOU'RE the one who bought all the toilet paper. Now I know. :) LOL.