Monday, January 31, 2011


It's only Monday and this week is already feeling like Christmas. I'm in the midst of collecting items for soldier care packages to send to Afghanistan and homemade valentines for children in hospitals for the Hearts for Kids project. The packages are pouring in from my wonderful coworkers (95 of them to be exact) and what should come nestled in the packages but my highly anticipated blog swap prize from Nikki!

A group of fellow bloggers got together to have a blog swap and this was my first. I couldn't have been more excited...and I had two equally exuberant helpers as I opened the box. A sea of red tissue came spilling out with wonderful gifts inside.

The first was for my boys - a Valentine Book and a stuffed Monkey for each! They were ever so excited about this! You'll be pleased to know the book has already been read prior to naptime this afternoon and they are cuddled up with their monkeys fast asleep.

Next was a beautiful necklace bearing the names of both my boys and my husband. I am extremely sentimental and this gift touched my heart. I will wear this often Nikki - thank you!

I then opened a super chic desk calendar that I desperately needed. She has been reading my blog, as the next two had the musing foodie written ALL OVER them. A heartshaped bowl full of kisses. Sigh. Oh how I love chocolate. Then, a mix to bake red velvet whoopie pies - inspired from my pumpkin whoopie pie blogpost.Nikki, you nailed it! Thank you for the thought, creativity and effort you put into the perfect gift for a 'new' friend. I am indeed blessed.

Fellow blogswap friends, thank you for welcoming me into the group(riding on HPS' coat tails). And Please God, let Rose like my gift?



  1. Way to go, Nikki! You will LOVE your necklace, CC! Nikki, I love the new heart idea w/ the hubs on it. That is so sweet. I also love those calendars and, CC, glad to know we have a new flava of whoopie to add to the repertoire. :)B&D are presh and so are the monkeys. A+! You've officially been initiated. oh, and Rose WILLLLLL like her gift!

  2. I am so glad it arrived safe and sound. Your boys are adorable!

    I just finished making my first loaf of "Artisan Bread" this afternoon and I am making your chicken squares for dinner tonight! You have inspired me! :)

  3. Wow! You lucked out for sure...Nikki always gives nice gifts:) Yes, Nikki, I like the heart idea with the husband's name! And that whoppie pie sounds yummmmmmmmmmy!

    Catherine, your boys are so cute and this bread is all I'm hearing about! Should I make it or will I wish I hadn't b/c of all the weight it will bring on??????

  4. Lucky Duck, getting Nikki! She is so creative, as you can see! LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace!
    The sock monkeys are so CUTE!

    SO glad you are in "the blog circle", Catherine! I'm excited to try out some of YOUR recipes too!!

  5. Catherine I love how you write!

    Okay, great gift Nikki! I love that calendar! I have one in my window over my sink and I promise I look at it 2 or 3 times a day for various things! Cannot wait until tomorrow to add February!

    Yummy on the old whooopie pies too! Red Velvet is all over this swap this time!

  6. Catherine, so glad you put your name in the swap. I love the necklace and all of your gifts look like they are just you. So sweet!

  7. Donna, YES make the bread - but exibit self control. It will disappear quickly and leave you wanting more. We love it!

  8. Nikki Brewer Hogsed! That gift had creativity written all over it. I love the packaging with the fabric flower too. Glad Nikki had you Caroline, since you're new to the blog swap. She started you off well. Love it all!

  9. Oh my...those are some GREAT gifts! That Nikki, she is one creative gal. I love the necklace (she made a similar one for me too and I love it) and I love the packaging it came in. Nikki, did you make that? So cool. Now, I don't know what whoopie pies are but anything red velvet has got to be good. Catherine, I'm gonna snoop around your blog and read up on this good food...sounds so yummy!

  10. Awesome gifts!! Nikki you rock!!! and Catherine, I loved your gift! I just posted about it on my blog!! Thank you so much. We had so much fun tonight!!

  11. oh, and what a great blog. I will def. be back!!