Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a doughnut, a salad and a WRONG turn

I was in meetings all day - the only female in a sea of business suits and I held my own with the help of a Boston Cream Doughnut. Two dozen glorious doughnuts called out my name during a morning break and I settled on Boston Cream and savored every bite - longing to go back for the jelly filled as well, but knowing I should stop at just one, so I did.

Then there was lunch. It was a new restaurant to me: Mimi's Cafe and I settled on a grilled skirt steak salad with amazing deep fried blue cheese bites and a berry vinaigrette. I must try to replicate this deep fried wonder at home. The salad was delish, though the company awkward as I didn't know most of the suits around the table and we filled the time with idle chatter about nothing. The fun restaurant trademark? Muffins. I had a jumbo blueberry muffin (which only had blueberries in the muffin top) served with my salad and as I left, was presented with an assorted box of 4 more muffins to take home, as a thank you for trying out the restaurant. I do love a tasty parting gift. It's a best practice I feel should be adopted by everyone.

Back to work. After the last of my meetings, I shook hands, exchanged busines cards and attempted to find my way home. I am the world's worst at getting anywhere. Unfortunately I got so turned around that I made the wrong turn several times and ended up on the wrong side of town as the sun was setting. Uh-oh. It was a lock-your-doors moment and many prayers were sent up as I sat at a stop light and witnessed a driver get out of his car and begin to approach. I almost peed my pants, but I liked my suit too much. I called my husband to advise of my location in case I ended up as a Jane Doe on the 6 o'clock news. Thankful for a green light, I eventually got back on the right track and breathed a huge sigh of relief in pulling into the safe haven of my driveway.

So I'm now staring at 4 oversized muffins, thinking about burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner and about to go make those shortbread cookies filled with Andes mints. I have to bake out my stresses from that miserable wrong turn...but not before giving my son a bath from stuffing a 20 feet of paper down the toilet and then throwing it all over the bathroom.

Have a great evening!

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