Monday, January 24, 2011

Unrepeatable Crepes.

I have exciting news - I have happened upon the best candybar to grace the earth since Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. My obsession with Godiva lead me there Saturday for my free truffle and blessing from above: IT WAS SAMPLE DAY! A perfectly polished silver tray was brought to me, displaying the latest Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Bar. I indulged, breathed a sigh of contented bliss and promptly bought one (well, if we're getting technical, my mother in law bought it for me as a 2:30pm surprise). Gotta love no-reason-at-all surprises! Love her. Love the chocolate. It was a good day. Imagine freeze dried strawberries - crazy with crunch, sprinkled through the decadence of milk chocolate (GODIVA chocolate nonetheless). You forget the calories and savor each bite, hiding it from your kids. It's amazing.

So, per my post this morning, I have to share the results from the Cheese Filled Crepes with Poblano Cream sauce. I alluded to attempting it last week after watching Mexican Made Easy on Foodnetwork. Let's completely reword the show - Mexican Made Easy is NOT accurate. It's more Mexican Made to Take ETERNITY. I had no idea that 67 steps later, I would finally pull this beast out of the oven. Humor me as I take you through a pictoral version of this experience. If you fall asleep in the middle, or begin to multi-task - imagine how I was feeling. Sigh.

First you make crepe batter in the blender.

Then you pour it in the pan and completely mess up the first one and it looks like this:

Round two gets better but then you realize you have 11 more to go. Oh boy.

In the meantime, you roast pobano peppers in the oven, not knowing what a poblano pepper tastes like, but fingers crossed for great things.

Crepes complete, you pull the poblanos out and peel off the outer casing and all the seeds.

Then you sautee onion, poblanos and whipping cream (no lofat version here).

That then goes into the blender (that you had to wash from the crepe batter). This makes your poblano cream sauce. The peppers are sweet - no heat at all. I was surprised! It makes a very very almost sickeningly rich sauce.

Back to the crepes...grate some monteray jack cheese after you find the cheese grater that mysteriously disappeared. Fill each crepe with cheese and then bake for 15ish minutes.

Serve the crepes by pouring the ridiculously rich sauce over truly looks disgusting and I used a camera I wasn't used to, so it's a horrible shot no matter how you look at it.

You take a bite. Your husband takes a bite. You're both surprised that there is no heat to this mexican dish and it's heavier than heavy. As you pry yourself out of your chair with a crowbar after eating this wonder why you ate all of that heavy cheese and cream sauce. Three hours later, you still look at each other and groan, pop a few Tums and promise you'll never make it again.

Lord have mercy, I need to eat some chocolate just recounting that. I'm now off to finish making that crazy Amish Friendship Bread that has been at least 16 days in the making (should've only taken 10). I'm experimenting to see if you can mess up the process, as it's somewhat of an irritant if I forget to squeeze the plastic bag of fermenting oozie-ness on my counter. Tomorrow I'll shed light on that.

Have a delicious day - stay away from heavy crepe recipes and for Pete's sake - go get one of those strawberry bars!

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