Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold, Frozen Party Pooper

I think I'm about ready to give up on Super Walmart. The closest one to me is scandalously dangerous, so I only go in the day time. I hopped on over there today to put together some fun Super Bowl prize packs for work and it just didn't quite turn out as I hoped.

I've been collecting the Hearts for Kids valentines and the care package items for soldiers in Afghanistan this week. My dining room is full of boxes and envelopes from around the country from my work teammates who have contributed. I always enjoy seeing them unite for such great causes. As a prize (I am the QUEEN of prizes), 4 participants are being chosen from those who participated and will each win a party in a box for them to enjoy the Super Bowl in grand style.

As I pull into the parking lot of Super W, the rest of the city of Charlotte apparently was present, buying their OWN Super Bowl party foods. I finally find a parking spot in South Africa and traipse through the pouring down rain in 34 degree weather wearing my little black Steve Madden flats and carrying my 18 month old. Lovely.

We make it into the store and my shoes have about half an inch of rain residing in them; my feet have turned into popsicles. We manage to grab one of the few dry carts and set out to find all things party-ish for these prize packs. Oreos, Fritos, Salsa, Popcorn, plates and napkins, oooooh wait - is that a hot fudge cake in a box? Grabbing 4 of those. It's cold outside, we need hot chocolate; four boxes of Swiss Miss coming right up! I top it off with nerf footballs and we inch our way through the long lines of party food purchasers. I am now sweating profusely due to having cold feet and keeping my winter coat on while running through the store with a packed cart and a child who keeps wanting to open the chips and cookies.

My grand total of $89.64 rings up and I promptly swipe my corporate card. The card is then promptly DECLINED as we discover it expired 4 days ago and the replacement hasn't been sent. BIG SIGH. I hand over my personal card, will thankfully get reimbursed and then lug the loot to the car - back out in the pouring rain. The Steve Maddens now have an inch of rain in them, I can no longer feel my feet and my hair that I straightened this morning is now attempting to go curly again. I look like a frizzy drown rat. Can you picture the beauty of my appearance?

My son is now crying because it's past lunchtime. My blood sugar is reminding me it's past lunchtime and we both end up eating a bizarre lunch of strange leftovers because of a Pantry Challenge I'm doing with my friend Richelle. So, here's to half a bowl of chili, two bites of turkey, 13 grapes and a handful of cheez-its with some grated cheese. On the bright side, how delish do those chocolate stuffed Oreos look?!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Enjoy the big game and stay warm!


  1. Poooor CC. You crack me up. I sure hope u got dry and don't catch cold! Super W has had a lot of peeps mad at it as of late it seems. Come move to the Boonies w/ me and you can enjoy the Super T (might be only benefit).

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I just got out of my pj's, seriously.

  3. This made me LAUGH!! I think I was out and about that same day doing various things "of my choice" believe or not with my kids and at one point was like what am I doing- go home!?? So, I can relate :)