Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharing the happy - Who wants pancakes?

Where in the world have I been? I've been asking myself the very same question, so I went looking. Lo and behold - there I was, climbing out from under a pile of laundry that rivals the altitude of Mount Saint Helens. With two sick kiddos, it added up fast. Both battled bad stomach viruses that one passed on to the other. Not fun. Sleep? What is sleep?

My Amish Friendship Bread was sadly neglected and decided to remind me of its presence by literally exploding. The gases built up inside the gallon sized bag and caused a minor explosion in the kitchen. Not to worry folks! I was still able to salvage the starter. Last night, in a fit of no sleep and a crazed, dazed schedule, I made muffins and bread with it - a double batch. I accidently filled one of the loaf pans too full. To what should my wandering nose should appear, but the horrid smell of bread goo igniting into flames in my oven as it spilled over the pan and hit the burner.

Mom to the rescue! I boldly donned oven mitts and set out to rescue the world! Note to self: one should never attempt to remove burning goo from an oven burner with a cloth oven mitt. The result is a burned up oven mitt, burned goo and an even worse smell. Clearly I will take this into consideration the next time I fill a loaf pan over 3/4 full when making Amish Frienship Bread.

MOM! What is that SMELL? Honey, go back to bed, your mother is just burning the house down - don't worry. I am now attempting to clean up my mess, while the remainder of the bread is baking. My garbage disposal revolts against the burnt goo and 6 eggshells I gave it by causing a pipe to bust and a small flood to form in my basement. Things could be worse, right?

This is the sight that met me when I finally pulled the bread out. How amazingly appetizing does this disaster look?

And so my friends, I need some happy - and I'm doing that by giving away the cutest little package of Perfectly Pink Pancake Mix. You need this - you WANT this. It's pink pancake mix with milk chocolate chips in it. What's not to love? I want to give it to one of you, so between now and Friday at noon eastern time, send me a shout out below with something you have burnt in your oven. If you've never burnt anything in the oven, I won't believe you, but make something up anyway.

Cheers to burnt mishaps, laundry piles and pancakes! :)


  1. Strawberry Muffins... my oven is old so the temperature is always a little off. Nothing like muffins with a black bottom! :)

  2. I think the worst part of this post is the busted pipes and flooded basement. Really? I can't believe you can even talk about it. So sorry! I use to burn cookies all the time. Now I've learned to take them out when they don't "look" done to me and they are perfect.

  3. What have I burned? Where do I begin? Bread is top of the list and casseroles that decide to ooze over as they get higher and higher-learned to put a baking pan under those. OH, and sausage balls-the grease from those is HIGHLY flammable!

  4. Burnt in my oven? Does burnt ON my oven count? Two weeks ago I made the most wonderful lasagna. I pulled it out, set it carefully on my stovetop and went about my business. Minutes later I realized that the burner was ON and the heat blackened my beautiful noodles. Good thing my husband likes the crunchy noodles!

  5. Ok, you know with two girls I've gotta have pink pancake mix!! If I don't win, do tell where I can get!! As for the burning... does this count? I was preheating a very old, not used in MANY years, pizza stone for some homemade bread and had no idea the stone had some yucky, leftover greasy crap on it, that when I opened the oven to put in the bread, a billow of smoke came pouring out and practically filled my house with "fog" as my girls called it. SO, close enough to burning for me since I had to open all the windows on a 45 degree cold day! :) It was also a joy cleaning that stone before actually using it again.

  6. I love reading your posts. With a firefighter husband you would think that this little lady knows how to handle fires. Think AGAIN! I have had flames from chocolate lava cake that my husband refused to help me with ("you figure it out" he said) and a really bad grease fire from bacon that by God's grace did not catch the house on fire! I won't tell you about the number of toaster oven fires we have had! And if it makes you feel any better the igniter on our hot water heater broke yesterday and I am sitting in my pj's thinking about having to go to the Y to take a hot shower, which means I have to work out, but my in-laws are coming later and I need to make dinner from the pantry. But like you said, things could be a lot worse!