Monday, February 14, 2011

Ugliest Cupcakes EVER

This weekend I helped host one of my dear friend's baby showers. Her little angel was a month early and so it was rather exciting to have the tiny guest of honor there to help open her gifts!

In the swirl of activity in planning for this shower, I somehow got assigned all the sweets. How convenient! So I made lemon bars, chocolate truffles, devils food cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes and super fun party favors - lollipop cookies.

Everything was perfect until I made the icing for the cupcakes. Picture four females in my kitchen all buzzing around working on various aspects of food prep. I did extensive research on Swiss Buttercream Frosting and was convinced I had the next ticket to cupcake stardom. For those of you not familiar with Swiss Buttercream - it's amazing, not too sweet and is so light and fluffy, you'll end up a contestant on Cupcake Wars for sure.

In my haste to make this, I overlooked one key word. WHITES. I simply read EGG...and proceded to put 10 eggs into the recipe when it specified EGG WHITES. This will make a marked difference in the outcome and I am feeling like the village idiot as I type this. A Swiss Buttercream requires extensive whipping and folks, let me tell you - I whipped the dickens out of this and still couldn't get a good consistency. But it tasted divine! We all grabbed spoons and began eating it plain. Who needs cake? In light of the recipe calling for two POUNDS of butter, I wasn't able to make another batch in time, so I just went with it.

Clearly these were the ugliest cupcakes of all time, iced with an oatmeal-like consistency of the best tasting icing ever. I hoped to redeem the ugliness with pink sprinkles, but wow - they looked rough. I couldn't stop eating them, despite the less than appetizing appearance, but if that is the only thing to go wrong for the shower, I was in pretty good shape.

When I get in the mood to play with two more pounds of butter, I'll remember egg WHITES and let you know the outcome.

In the meantime, have a delicious day!



    This is my favorite buttercream. It is in the third box down on the replies. It is light and whipped, fluffy not heavy. I like to put almond extract in mine, but my husband prefers vanilla.
    Just wanted to share. :) Those didn't look so bad :)

  2. Awww. You're being hard on yourself. I know you probably had a vision and that wasn't it but the really aren't ugly! Now, I wanna know bout these cookie pops! Sounds like a FUN shower.