Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well they SOUNDED good...initially.

I purchased Andes mints on a whim and found a recipe that sounded utterly delish to me on the box. Essentially, it's shortbread with an Andes mint baked in the middle. I love shortbread cookies, I love Andes mints - surely this is a match? Think again.

I spent the better part of Saturday morning slaving away on these cookies, a complex process with an 18 month old holding onto my leg and crying because I refused to let him outside to help trim bushes with his dad and brother. The outcome left me disappointed and frazzled (from my crying child). The mint doesn't work at all with the shortbread - I have NO idea who came up this recipe, but if ever given the chance to speak with them, would recommend they have a tastebud checkup. I hate wasting ingredients, so I'm sufffering through eating them and sending them in school lunches. And here I had my mouth set, camera primed and blog readily waiting to wow you with the latest cookie phenomenon. Oh well. You win some, you lose some - they can't ALL be delicious, right?

On a super fun non-dissapointed note, I participated in my first ever "Fix 'n Freeze" today. If your not familiar with the fun, you get a group of friends together, they each fix one or two entrees - with enough portions for each member participating...then you get together and swap the goods and end up with a freezer full of entrees just waiting for you to hit defrost and bake at 350! I'm ecstatic! My freezer is packed full of goodness and it will save me lots of time in the coming weeks when I need to have a delicious meal on the table and time is not on my side. I did the swaparoo this morning and will be dining on Chicken Divan tonight. Yum!

I opted to make Chicken Enchiladas and Beef Potpie. It wasn't until almost 9pm last night that I realized I had neither pie crusts nor enough flour to bake them from scratch, so I renamed my dish "Crustless Potpie" - no biggie, it's still tasty and good! Think potroast with more veggies. I think it's a winner!

Have a delicious day and we'll chat soon!


  1. They look delicious! Especially the second pic. I love shortbread! Sorry they didn't turn out. Isn't it fun having a full freezer? I can't wait to try the crustless pot pie:)

  2. I begrudgingly ate two more of these not-so-good cookies for breakfast and sent even more in school lunches - trying desperately to get rid of them. LOVE the full freezer - mine was getting bare. I hope you like the pot pie!